The Garrett’s Path 5K & Hero Ride is the foundation’s largest fundraiser.

Thank you to the hundreds of sponsors and thousands of participants who helped make these events both memorable and successful!

Garrett's Gifts through organ donation

Garrett’s organs save 5 lives, his corneas enhanced site for 2 more lives and his juvenile cartilage enhanced the lives of 125 more people. In total, Garrett impacted 132 lives throughout the United States and into Canada!

Youth Academics

Garrett was always eager to learn. His passion for academics was evident from the day he started preschool through 4th grade where he was reading at a 9th grade reading level. His thirst for knowledge carried over equally to his faith where he strived to learn about his saviour in school and also by attending weekly mass with his family where he was an alter server.
Garrett’s parents feel investing in children’s academics is investing in the future. They also feel all children should hear the teachings of Jesus Christ.
His The Foundation has given back over $21,000 in college scholarships, tuition assistance programs and has supported reading programs. Over 800 Bibles have been donated to support Christian based programs in Iowa and Haiti.

Grief Support

Learning to live without someone you love can be one of life’s most difficult journeys. Let us know how we can help.
Every 10 minutes another name is added to the national waiting list. An average of 22 people die every 24 hours waiting for an organ.
There are far more people waiting for life saving organs than there are organs available.